• Frequently Asked Questions

    Refer to this sections with any questions you have about Social Model Management

  • How It Works

    A proven process trusted by 300+ famous models


    Pick a Plan

    First models pick a plan and pay for management. The more time you pay for the more you save per month.


    Send us your login

    We use special software to manage your Instagram.

    We need your username and password to put you on the software, no one will log in.


    Likes and Follows

    Social Power Box will follow profiles and like photos for you 24/7. This process will get you thousands of followbacks and likes back!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What does Social Model Management Do?

    Social Model Management is a modeling and promotional agency that helps get models more followers and more jobs!

    Are the followers real?

    Yes! The followers are 100% real and genuine. After the 3 Day Free Trial, you will see for yourself!

    How come I have to pay for this agency?

    We take payments from models to cover the cost of our software we use to promote your account!

    The software is called Social Power Box and is normally 2X the cost.

    Why am I following so many people?

    Social Power Box is an advanced software that automatically follows and likes photos for you 24/7. This process increases your exposure dramatically and can get you more than 1000+ real followers per week! We unfollow all accounts we followed every 3 days.

    Do you need my password?

    Yes, Social Power Box software needs your password to log into your account. The software sits in the back of your account and no person will ever log into your account guaranteed.

    Can you book me paid gigs and photo shoots?

    Yes, we have many partners and companies reaching out to us for campaigns and paid opportunities every day! Like other agencies, we show them our model roster and they choose who they need for the campaign. We will reach out to you with any paid opportunities via email.

    Can I sign up other models / photographers and get paid?

    Of course! You can sign up to become a company partner here. You can earn recurring commissions and even free membership!

    Can I cancel my recurring payments / membership?

    Yes, we are happy to help you with any issues or adjust your settings, just Live Chat us